Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Hopper to deliver a presentation at EyeforTravel San Francisco Digital Summit 2018 on April 9 & 10 at Hotel Nikko

Expedia, IHG, Accor Hotels, Lyft, Air Canada, Dorchester Collection, Tencent, Cathay Pacific, Choice Hotels, Lola,, Turkish Airlines, Jet Blue Tech Ventures and more - some of travel's leading brands confirmed to take the stage at the West Coast’s largest digital travel summit, in just three weeks’ time.

Given the proliferation of mobile as a travel search, booking and engagement platform, EyeforTravel have invited Scott Brodows, VP – Hotel Supply from Hopper to deliver a presentation on Day 2 of the summit (April 10th). Scott will present on the following case study: The Hopper Way - Capitalizing on the proliferation of mobile for travel search, planning and customer engagement.

The session will explore:
  •        Mobile search - how has this changed the consumer behavior around planning a trip? Does a mobile platform better enable a holistic, end-to-end customer experience?
  •     The use of push notifications to drive sales - how can this be optimized?
  •        Artificial intelligence as a tool to redirect user intent and create a new marketplace - and the ability to shift user behavior to certain partners and routes
  •        Deliver high resolution vertical video, enabling hotel partners to convey their value-based differentiation

Furthermore, the summit will tackle topics such as the role of emerging technologies in travel, personalization, marketing strategies, utilizing data and technology to deliver an exceptional customer experience & much more!

Tim Gunstone, Managing Director at EyeforTravel said "Innovative customer engagement is at the heart of every successful travel brand – and we are at a tipping point where it is essential for travel brands to focus on the customer experience and deliver personalized messages and content. The proliferation of mobile has been a massive enabler allowing brands to engage and build loyalty with ‘connected travellers’ throughout the travel cycle.

The EyeforTravel San Francisco Digital Summit 2018 will be a two-day celebration of fiery innovation, and will provide the perfect platform for your business to adapt, grow and be ahead of the curve in times of disruption and change.

Attendees confirmed to attend include TripAdvisor, Fairmont Hotels, Japan Airlines, Disney Parks & Resorts, Expedia, Diamond Resorts International, Choice Hotels, Virgin Hotels, Singapore Airlines, Winding Tree, and so many more. 

There are tickets still available, please contact Renu Kannu at

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