Wednesday 19 December 2012

Why distribution is so key?

Has has reached the levels of Google......  over the last 3-4 various senior of travel execs have said to me (off the record) that although Google advertising works and is cost effective they are not expanding their Google spend  as it puts their organisation into too much risk… The same is now being said about

This is why a travel CEO’s and MDs as well as heads of distribution and marketing take such a keen interest in the age old problem of the evolving travel supply chain. As customer buying behaviour changes the whole industry has to respond. The internet, search, social media, mobile and big data have been at the forefront of the evolving travel industry over the last 15 years and if the head of the travel company ignores these trends they lose market share.

If they get it right the company booms.

2012 has been a roller coaster but as yet the Euro has not collapsed we have not jumped of the cliff and China is still growing. 2013 should be “fun.”

Hope you have a great Christmas break and look forward to seeing you at one our event in 2013

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Is there too much emphasis on Mobile solely as a booking channel?

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at BTO ( in Florence, Italy to present findings from EyeforTravel’s recent Travel Consumer Report.

The event brings together online travel professionals from across Italy to discuss how to drive forward travel sales across Italian travel and hospitality brands.

I presented a closing keynote presentation on Mobile in Travel.  The presentation was actually entitled ‘Mobile reservations’ however, EyeforTravel research has found that there is a lot more to mobile than just bookings.

46% of travel suppliers (B2C providers of travel eg. hotels, airlines, cruise etc) and 38% of travel intermediaries agreed that mobile has increased customer engagement.  

From a consumer point of view, when asked how they would like to engage with travel brands via mobile, information on local activities, deals as well as maps, and consulting user reviews were the most popular responses.

We found that consumers want to engage with travel brands not just before their trip but during their travel experience.  Indeed, 64% of Brits said they would like information on local activities and deals whilst at their destination.

 Using social media whilst travelling is popular and is fuelling the use of smartphones.  14% of Americans always share their travel experience via social media during their trip and 23% of Americans stated they do this frequently.

Mobile should of course still be focused on as a booking channel (41% of travel suppliers agreed with the statement that mobile had increased direct sales).   However, I feel that those brands who truly understand how mobile can enhance the travel experience from start to finish will be the winners in 2013 and beyond!

You can view my slides below (don't worry, the presentation is in English after the first slide!): -