Wednesday 7 August 2013

#TwitterParty and #TwitterSuites...and how social rules in Sol Wave House

Today people are spending more time on social media that what they did 5 years ago.   Time spent has increased from 2.6 hours a month in 2007 to 6.9 hours a month in 2012. 

Well that’s not any news, but what is really interesting is how travel executives are trying to work out how to take these trends on board for their hotel strategies. After all, people love communities and sharing with their friends and families what they have been up to, especially when they are on holiday.

Back in 2011, we featured Palladium Hotel Group’s successful launch of a revolutionary online Facebook sharing experience: where guests of Ushua├»a Ibiza Beach Hotel were able to share their experiences on Facebook in real time using radio frequency bracelets. 

In 2012, they became the first hotel in the world to offer PayTouch, an innovative cash-free system that allows visitors to pay with just once touch of their fingertips through biometric technology. I don’t know about you but I was very excited by it as a Social Media lover!

Well just today I was reading through some articles and guess what I found. Twitter is now a part of the action too. It has provided its technology for the first Twitter hotel experience for all the Tweetaholic at Sol Wave House in Mallorca, one of the main Spanish gateway islands.

The hotel has created Twitter-themed rooms, drinks and a virtual community where they can be easily found by a simple #SocialWave. Guests can use Twitter to interact and flirt with one another, and if you want to meet up? Simply just arrange to meet them on that #TwitterPoolParty.

Sounds good so far? Well it’s about to get better. It doesn’t stop at the parties, as soon as you start the ball rolling there is the Twitter party suite waiting.  The twitter themed suites are designed for twitter lovers – decorated with sky blue balloons, with chilled cava at the ready, a big mirror that is definitely worth tweeting about or the opportunity to relax on VIP sunbeds.

What was really thrilling though was the minibar service. Did you run out of champagne or do you happen to feel hungry? Well, you can just tweet with your request and #FillMyFridge. Spotted someone you like near the pool or the bar? Send them a drink by tweeting @SolWaveHouse.

I believe this is great, innovative service, it not only allows the guests to communicate with the staff but also with the community and the people around them. For me, I’d go there in an instant, it just sounds like the place to start you #SummerBromance. Oh summer, aren’t you just so short?

Posted by Ina Zekaj (EyeforTravel’s sunshine party loving marketing intern)