Thursday 30 November 2017

New EyeforTravel Free Report: EyeforTravel North America Summit 2017 Round-up

We have a new report out now, which you can download for free, covering all the goings on at our largest US conference, the North America Summit 2017.

At the event it was all about using the leading edge of technology to address the age-old issue of improving the customer experience. See what technologies top brands are getting involved in and the tactics they are using with this report from the heart of the Summit.

EyeforTravel’s North America Summit took place in the wake of tragic events in Las Vegas but the travel industry came back with a roar to take on the big issues: Loyalty, technological disruption, changing distribution possibilities, customer experience, and partnerships. Download this completely free report now to see what key industry figures are saying about these topics and how they believe the industry will adapt.

The report features advice and learning from brands including IHG, Caesars, Lola Tech, Allegiant Air, Marriott, Google, and Priceline.

Get all the key discussions in one easy-to-digest report so you can keep on top of the ever-evolving world of travel and tourism by joining EyeforTravel On Demand's free service, or if you are a member of EyeforTravel On Demand Premium you can view all the videos from the Summit here.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Blockchain: the end of the sociopath CEO and the rise of consensus?

In today’s homepage story we publish the first in atwo-part Q&A with Winding Tree founder andCEO Max Izmaylov. In conversation with him this week, he recommended a fascinating new video from technologist, serial entrepreneur and bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopolous. 

If you watch one video this week, we recommend thisone!

Aside from explaining why today’s hierarchical organisations, which are increasingly corrupted by power and often led by ‘sociopath CEOs’, no longer work for the information age, he also clarifies something that is often stated as fact: That blockchain is the technology that underpins bitcoin.

“Blockchain isn’t the tech behind bitcoin, it is one of the technologies - it is actually the database, the artefact, the ledger that is produced. But here is the really interesting thing: how is it produced. And the way it is produced in bitcoin and thousands of other cryptocurrencies and blockchains, that use a similar recipe, is on a completely flat, peer-to-peer non-hierarchical network where nobody knows or trusts anybody else. 

"Where we are able to engineer an emergence of an artefact, a ledger that records transactions that everybody can trust, that no one has the power to change, to modify after the fact, that removes the trust from the person to a mathematical construct that is neutral. That process is called consensus. It is the fundamental invention behind bitcoin and all the other digital currencies as a way to achieve trust at massive scale on a completely flat network. It allows us to achieve such a level of trust that we can conduct transactions worth billions of dollars…”

Phew! Something to think about!

It’s not too late to join us in Amsterdam next week for some fascinating blockchain insights

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Senior Executives from Hilton, IBM and Mozio discuss Personalization in Travel

On Nov 15 (11AM EST), senior executives from Hilton, IBM and Mozio will be coming together on an EyeforTravel webinar titled ‘Personalization in Travel – Moving Beyond the Buzzword’.

While the concept of personalization has been around forever, the advances in mobile, data science and technology now allows a far greater ability to be able to recognise where the customer is in the travel cycle, provide the right content at the right time while simplifying the process.

In this webinar, EyeforTravel will go beyond the buzzword to see how big brands approach personalization

Speakers sharing their expert insights include:
  • Phillipe Garnier, VP Distribution and Partnerships, ‎Hilton
  • Steven Punchuk, ‎WW Lead Customer intelligence & Revenue Management at IBM
  • Emre Mangir, COO and Co-Founder, Mozio
The top themes being covered at the webinar will include:
  • What are the elements of the ecosystem that ensure success for personalization initiatives?
  • Leverage your data to compile a truly customer-centric database - utilise effective and relevant messaging to your customers, and successfully bridge that personalization gap
  • Create a technology landscape to enable effective personalization
  • Connect the data dots to build and create personalized interactions - how can you personalize at scale and what information can you gather to deliver a seamless customer experience?
You can register for the webinar here:

Note: The webinar recording will be sent to all those who register. If you cannot make it to the live webinar but would like to be emailed the recording, please sign up.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Nikhil (

Nikhil Vijayan
Head of Digital & Content