Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Meet the Cream of The Crop in Travel at EyeforTravel’s San Francisco Digital Summit in April

Hyatt, TripAdvisor, Fairmont, Hilton, Expedia, Japan Airlines, Marriott, Winding Tree and more will come together on April 9 -10 at EyeforTravel’s San Francisco Digital Summit 2018 .

The summit, just under two months away, will tackle topics such as the role of emerging technologies in travel, personalization, marketing strategies, utilizing data and technology to deliver an exceptional customer experience & much more. And this is just the start.  

This week, we have confirmed attendees from Hyatt, TripAdvisor, Fairmont, and Hilton San Francisco who will be joining our confirmed speaker list including Expedia, Marriott, Choice Hotels, Winding Tree, Priceline,, Cathay Pacific Airways, Lola, Air Canada and more!

Emerging technologies such as voice, AI, machine learning, and blockchain are all being talked about by the travel industry, but are they truly getting dissected? The San Francisco Digital Summit 2018 is the only event that will cut through the noise, separate the real use from the hype, and enable travel brands to truly come to grips with the opportunities for digital marketing campaigns.

We have so much to talk about, and have split the event into two dedicated tracks:

1.    Tech Innovation Strategies: Mobile, Emerging Trends, and Travel Technology

Case studies to be discussed in this track include:
  • A Choice Hotels Case Study: A Holistic Approach to Emerging Tech & Enhancing the Physical Experience with the Right Digital Technology
  • A Marriott Case study: The Power of Mobile to Drive Interaction and Develop Unique Digital Experiences to Stay Top of Mind and Engage with Your Customer
  • Blockchain Demystified: How Can It Be Applied in Travel and How Will It Change Your Business?
  • Leveraging Data Driven Insights & Technology: Keep Up with The Shifts in Customer Behavior to Deliver Relevant and Personalized Products
2    2.  Marketing Strategies: Content Marketing, Social media and Data

      Case studies to be discussed include:
  • Hilton Case Study: Brand Building in the Digital Age: The Role of Storytelling in Today’s Customer Journey
  • Cathay Pacific Case Study: Incorporating Virtual Content and Mobile Video into Cathay Pacific Airways’ Marketing Strategy
  • Air Canada Vacations Case Study: An Air Canada Vacations Case Study: Keep Your Customers Clicking by Delivering Smarter, Personalized, More Dynamic Content
  • Melia Hotels International Case Study: Redefine and Rebuild Your Social Media and Digital Strategy Using Data, Personalization & Hyper-Segmentation

This summit is truly the only place you will be able to meet the cream of the crop in travel, walk away with insights you can action as soon as you get back to the office.

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