Thursday, 7 December 2017

Are hotels focusing enough on the stay?

The following is the introduction from EyeforTravel's new the Future of the In-Stay Experience report. 

Hospitality businesses live and die by their reputations but are accommodation brands really focusing enough on the one moment where they have the guest’s complete and undivided attention: The stay itself? It is these crucial moments when they interact to request a service, such as check-in, a spa treatment or for local recommendations, that will last longest in the guest’s memory.

Now, there are new possibilities to improve the guest experience as technologies open up and fall in cost. The future of the stay will be one where the guest can use their own device to interact directly with the hotel’s staff or even the hotel itself through AI-powered interfaces. Customers will be able to call on far more services, and staff will be more connected and effective.

Hospitality companies’ key objectives currently are to drive loyalty and improve the customer experience in the hope that this will drive down acquisition costs by creating repeat guests. Although the pre-stay digital area is important and has received a lot of focus recently, it is the quality of the experience when they are in the property itself that will truly generate long-term loyalty and strong review performances.

From a marketing perspective, it’s the one time that they have the guests’ complete attention. Potentially it represents a key competitive advantage for accommodation suppliers, as they compete against themselves and against the online travel agents (OTAs) to grab and maintain the guest’s attention.

This paper will demonstrate the solutions that allow hotels to facilitate better guest-focused services and communications.

We talk to the leading tech firms in the field, break down the changes happening already and what hospitality brands should be looking to implement to secure their guests’ loyalty in the years to come.