Monday, 18 September 2017

Turn Insight into Profit by Driving Innovation in Travel Data

Today personalized travel is the internet, machine learning and mobile devices!
Data is the new oil of the information age. Organizations that can harness the power of data can enhance their customer experience, achieve a competitive advantage, improve conversion rates, segment more effectively, drive loyalty and develop unbeatable products.
EyeforTravel are excited about this change and have positioned two EyeforTravel events to focus on just this. 
Our two summits – Smart Travel Data Europe (Amsterdam Nov 29-30) and Smart Travel Analytics North America (February 27-28, Miami) will allow you to turn new data legislations and technology into an advantage and convert your data into pure profit.
Head of Research for EyeforTravel – Alex Hadwick had this to say “As travel brands tackle these issues, they do so with the aim of putting their customers first and trying to understand what makes them tick, and that trend is only going to accelerate.”  He went on to say “More sophisticated systems, increasingly skilled teams, more investment and an exponentially increasing universe of data means that brands will be better placed to reach their customers with targeted products that match their expectations!”
These event’s will bring together the best brands in travel to focus on how to develop data analytics, artificial intelligence, product development, revenue analytics, to drive loyalty and more personalized experiences for travellers.  
Take the chance to network with travel data decision makers from Accor, Airbnb, KAYAK, Hilton Hotels, Delta Airlines, Amazon, Vueling Airlines, Marriot, Southwest Airlines, Wyndham Destination Networks, and more, join the events today.
Pick the event that works for you!
If Europe is your area of focus: (event location: Amsterdam)
If USA is your area of focus: (event location: Miami)
If you would like more information on attending contact Leo (Project Director) -
If your company would like to take on some of the limited branding exhibition opportunities at these events, reach out to Shreya (Head of Partnerships and Sales)