Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Hear ye, hear ye - EyeforTravel has a podcast

We are pleased to announce that we are now running a podcast, which you can find here, or you can listen and subscribe over at SoundCloud. In these podcasts we aim to bring you the latest in thought from around the travel industry and beyond.

In episode one we talk to a petrochemicals expert about oil, which is a critical driver for airline profits and strategies. Also available is episode two, where our head of research gives an overview of what to look out for in 2016 across the global economy and the travel industry.

We will be following this up with a podcast at least every two weeks. In these the EyeforTravel team will be speaking to leading executives in the travel industry, presenting their own findings or just generally discussing critical topics in travel. We aim to bring you new perspectives and angles on the big stories in travel so you are best placed to make the changes that matter. 

As a hub of the travel community we have been in conversation with the industry for 20 years.We are therefore always on the lookout for people to speak to and contribute to our podcast. If you would like to feature in one of our podcasts then please send an email to:

Thanks for reading and listening,
The EyeforTravel Team