Monday, 27 February 2017

EyeforTravel have an attendee list for the digital travel elite that you need to see!

EyeforTravel have just released their attendee list for the San Francisco Summit 2017 (April 24-25). Don’t miss your chance to join the west coast’s largest digital travel conference.

The focus of this event is mobile, social media and tech innovation. With more travelers turning to the internet and mobile to get ideas, inspiration, and options for their trips. Mobile has made the journey more spontaneous with ‘on the go’ research tools.

Research shows that 85% of leisure travelers decide on activities only after having arrived at their destination.
With mobile playing such a key role we see platforms like Facebook, Lola, Instagram, Hopper,  Lyft, YouTube (travel hack videos) SnapChat, and travel supplier’s bespoke apps like Hilton and KLM  becoming the starting block of a traveler’s journey.

EyeforTravel are excited about this shift and have positioned their EyeForTravel San Francisco Summit (April 24-25) to focus on the digital big bang in travel.
The event will have 350 travel decision makers to help you identify the data, technology, partners and strategies that you need to grow revenues in the mobile-first world! They are even offering a sneak peak of their attendee list 2 months before the event.

To shed light on who will be at the event, Shreya Ganapathy the lead researcher for the event said We’re really excited to be welcoming back executives from, Intercontinental Hotels, Southwest Airlines, Hilton, MGM Resorts, Grand Pacific Hotels, Expedia, Marriott, Alaska Airlines, Amadeus, Wyndham, Lola, Google and a lot more”

She went onto to say “We don’t usually release our delegate list this early but with over 2 months to go, we have over 130 people in, and thought we should share it, and give others a chance to book too!”

Want to see who you might be sitting next to?

This year’s conference will be 3 in-depth travel conferences all in one!
  • Mobile and Innovation Strategies: Mobile is fundamentally changing the way online travel brands do business. Mobile is not only fueling key shifts in consumer behavior but is also facilitating new business models and industry partnerships
  • Social Media and Content Strategies: The revolution in segmentation, targeting and personalization - and what travel brands and marketers must do to both understand and serve customers better in our new digital world
  • The Start-up Village: A special bolt on program to cater to our growing start-up community interested in travel. Complete with its own networking and a start-up competition

Learn more about who is attending our 2017 (April 24-25) event here:

If this appeals to you, get involved either as an attendee, a speaker or an exhibitor.

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