Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Get smarter with the Smart Travel Data Series Content Pack

Effectively utilizing data and analytics for travel brands in the 21st Century will not just be a case of improving performance, it will be a matter of survival. Therefore, EyeforTravel has been researching how data is changing the face of travel through a series of investigative reports that will help brands understand how to effectively gather, understand and utilize the vast and constantly expanding universe of information.

Here is a brief summary of each report in the content pack:
·       The State of Data and Analytics in the Travel Industry: What are the big trends, challenges and opportunities being created by data and analytics for the travel and tourism industry? EyeforTravel conducted a global, industry-wide survey of more than 450 travel data professionals to find out.

·       Understanding the Travel Consumer´s Path to Purchase: EyeforTravel and Jumpshot tracked more than a quarter of a million travel purchasers across five countries through clickstream data and consumer surveys to build a picture of the path to purchase. This white paper details the how, where and why of the decisions people make before they book, and what travel brands should be doing to capture market share.

·       Improving the Airline Experience: For passengers, booking and flying remains a process with many pain points. However, these represent opportunities for airlines, as by solving or easing these problems they can differentiate their services and avoid becoming just commodities in the eyes of consumers. With a major consumer survey and industry research, see how airlines can get a competitive edge in customer experience.

·       Aggregating Data Streams for More Effective Revenue Management: Revenue managers are facing a data overload: competitor analysis, channel production, distribution costs, booking information, customer data and much more. How can they know where to look, what to get out of their data and how to apply it? Help is at hand as this report will guide revenue managers in data collection, interpreting their findings and building strategies to increase profitability.

·       EyeforTravel Smart Travel Data Summit North America 2017 Round-up: EyeforTravel's Smart Travel Data Summit North America 2017, held in February 2017, saw the industry come together to engage in high-level discussions that would help attendees understand the trends and best practice surrounding data in travel. Across the two days speakers from top brands, such as Hilton, Delta, Accor, Wyndham and IHG, wrestled with the big issues and showed how their brands were creating value from data.

·       EyeforTravel Smart Travel Data Summit 2016 Round-up: EyeforTravel's Smart Travel Data Summit, held in November 2016 in Amsterdam, brought together the continent's top data analysts and scientists to discuss how the industry could better improve its approach to gathering, deploying, and using the vast amounts of information being created in the Digital Age.

·       Airport 3.0: The Technology and Data Transforming Airport Operations: The airport of the future will be customer-centric and data-driven with a ruthless focus on operational efficiency. This is being driven by passenger's smartphones, geolocation technology, cloud computing, and the insights being derived from all these technologies. Read this white paper to see what the innovators are doing to improve their airports and what opportunities are arising from increased customer access and cross-selling opportunities. 

So don't delay, download the Smart Travel Data Series now and get smart to the changes transforming our industry.