Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How to use social media to humanize your business

By Gina Baillie

There are a number of key opportunities to engage customers via social media which many travel brands seem to miss.  Why is this?

In a recently spoke to Josiah MacKenzie, he explained that offering exceptional service via is the cornerstone of social media success.   This sounds good in theory but how does it work in practice? How do you reach out to the customer in the most appropriate way?   How can you create a remarkable customer experience?

He explained that remarkable social media engagement doesn’t have to be hugely original.  A simple recognition of a customers’ intent to stay at your hotel or intent to travel with your airline can add real value to the customer experience and perception of your brand.   

Actively listening and responding to customers via social media is essential.  It can however be complicated to organise internally.  Encouraging support from top executives along with putting the right processes in place to ensure that staff know where, when and how to respond is vital. 

For Josiah, it’s a question of sifting through the noise to find the music.  For more details, listen to the 10 minute podcast below*

*I apologise that the sound quality is a little poor but if you turn the volume to maximum, you should be able to hear Josiah adequately.