Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How Mobile and Social Media Are Influencing New Business Models in the Travel Space

For some time now, we’ve been documenting how travel industry players have been using social media and more recently mobile, to communicate with their customers.

With technological change comes in innovation and in recent weeks, we've been exploring the new business models that are arising in the travel and hospitality space which have been facilitated by new mediums of communication. 

In partnership with Josiah MacKenzie, ReviewPro, we have produced a case study detailing how New York’s Roger Smith Hotel is using social media and mobile technology to monetize their hotel space to up-sell, cross-sell and draw in the wider community.

Known for their innovative approach to social media, the hotel pioneered the concept of social hospitality which extends beyond just the visitors that stay in your hotel and into the wider community.  This concept has enabled them to turn their property into a hub of creativity.

With this in mind they are now taking advantage of key developments in mobile to evolve their business model to focus on retail and e-commerce.  

Find out more in the full case study which is free to download here


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