Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How travel marketers calculate ROI on Social Media – and why the future is Mobile

In partnership with our friends at SimpliFlying, we’ve developed an informative infographic looking at the burning issues that airlines and travel marketers in general will be looking to tackle over the next twelve months. Two questions in particular are addressed in this infographic:
  1. In what direction does the industry see social media evolving?
  2. What business goals travelers are driving and if they’re calculating ROI
Uncertainty still remains about how to measure ROI on social media – primarily because there are so many divergent ways that people approach measuring ROI.   A favourite approach of ours is that of Barbara Pezzi, Fairmont Raffles International.   A self-confessed analytics geek, Barbara offers detailed advice on how to add real meaning to the varying elements of social media campaigns.  Importantly, she takes a holistic approach and does not attempt to analyse social media in isolation.

Barbara’s next presentation for EyeforTravel will take place at EyeforTravel’s upcoming Social Media & Mobile Strategies for Travel conference, March 5-6, San Francisco.

With regard to mobile, the infographic highlights the trend for travel consumers to use mobile at the pre-purchase stage to research their travel plans.  Many also use mobile during their trip – providing a new and exciting window for innovative travel brands to further inform, engage and potentially up-sell during their trip.

Note: The findings in the infographic below are all sourced from Eyefortravel’s “Social Media and Mobile Strategies for the Travel Industry 2011″ report. The full report can downloaded here. You can use the discount code: SIMP100 to save $100!

Infographic: (click here to see the original, bigger size)