Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Understanding Key Trends in Mobile in Travel

For quite some time now the travel industry has been keeping a keen eye on developments in mobile technology. The opportunities to engage travelers on the move go hand in hand. How to go about engaging consumers and facilitating booking via mobile though has not been quite so obvious!

For a multitude of reasons, mobile has been slower to come into practice than first thought. For the past decade each year promised to be the ‘year of mobile’ and each year came and went and we’d only taken a few steps. In 2010 and throughout 2011 we have seen mobile developments gain pace. Finally the technology, brand know-how and consumers’ willingness to engage are all aligned and we are seeing some really exciting and profitable developments in this space!

EyeforTravel’s new Social Media & Mobile in Travel report which was released in July, details some interesting new research into key trends in mobile and travel. It includes case studies from across the travel space and details a step by step guide to measuring ROI.