Monday, 11 July 2011

Practice What You Preach- Twitter Competition for #eftamerica- The Results!

We've had some outstanding entries into our "practice what you preach" Twitter competition. We asked our followers to tweet for a free silver pass to The Travel Distribution Summit North America using quotes and stories associated with the "only in vegas" theme....

With a TERRIBLY strict judging panel (uh-hum, namedly myself, Marco and various other members of the EyeforTravel squad) we have now made a list of our very favourite tweets. Thanks to all who entered, and please see below for the announcement of our WINNER! 

The finalists:

@CravenTravels Gambling was invented as a tax on people who are bad at mathematics. Only in Vegas #eftamerica

@MMcCreesh  Only in Vegas will you find a storm trooper and Darth hanging out on the street corner - - #eftamerica

@MMcCreesh Only in Vegas does the hotel #Bellagio have more rooms than the number of residents in a town that shares its name - #eftamerica #tourism

@HHotelConsult Only in #Vegas are there guests who literally believe they're in Paris, New York & Venice, all in 1 day. #eftamerica #Beauregard #Simulacram

@jgabbott "Las Vegas: all the amenities of modern society in a habitat unfit to grow a tomato" #eftamerica

@AreMorch #eftamerica Only in Vegas - What Happens In Vegas now gets viral on Twitter - wonder if I can multiply wins on slot machine with retweets?

Now for the first drumroll please....

Our runner up post has to go to @MmcCreesh for this one- it might be a re-tweet but purely for finding it, we thought it deserved some airplay:

@MMcCreesh Only in Vegas! - #eftamerica RT @jennmc: ive decided im going to vegas and getting married.. cyah y’all in a week kay bye

Second drumroll please....

So that means that our winner of the 2011 #eftamerica tweet competition is..... @CravenTravels, because this aptly sums up EVERYTHING about Vegas. We're looking forward to seeing you there, contact to firm up your free silver pass!!

The winning tweet: @CravenTravels Only in Vegas... does money really says, "Goodbye..." #eftamerica